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Editorial Summer 2017


sometimes I think!I was thinking (sometimes I indulge in doing so) about how producing this magazine has changed over the past twenty years. In times past submissions were usually handwritten, or typed. Then stuck in place before the actual pages had to be type-set by the printer, followed by a major editing session by volunteers. It could then be sent to the presses.

Nowadays most submissions are sent by email which I can edit and place directly in a desktop publishing program. Authors receive a copy of their article for checking then it is copy-edited before being sent directly to be printed.


After the terrifying robbery of Crich post office on 26 April we are aware of the effect this must have had on Karen. She has always supported CACN and we wish we could offer her more than words of support. It acts a reminder that as a community we must be good neighbours and vigilant in reporting suspicious activities to the police.

Sadly, I have had a couple of letters sent for publication which did not contain a name or address. I cannot include any letter (no matter how worthy) unless the name and address is included. Names and addresses can be withheld from publication, provided I have them on file.

In in this issue there is information about a souvenir photo-book produced to mark the twentieth anniversary of Crich Area Community News and the opening of the Glebe Field Centre. There is a small charge for this which will be donated to the Glebe. I did ask a couple of the companies who are engaged in major construction in the parish if they could support this project in any way. Neither responded – even with a negative reply. Good job I was not holding my breath!

Crich Parish Council serves the community with commendable spirit, often under challenging circumstances. It can be a thankless task trying to please everyone but still its representatives continue with good humour. The Parish Clerk, Clive Ludlam, retires in August after serving the Parish Council for ten years, Crich Area Community News thanks him for his service and wishes him a long and contented retirement.

I love catching snippets of conversations and sometimes wish I could stay and catch more. Often these snippets contain gems of humour. Overheard in The King’s Arms:–

Have you played any dangerous sports?

I sometimes disagree with my wife.


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☞ postbox: CACN Postbox, in The Loaf (courtesy of Roger and Andrew)