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Editorial Autumn 2017


Had lots of news in for this issue, thank you to everyone who submitted their articles. Co-editing the magazine with Lucy Clarke has made matters much improved for me – someone to check my spelling and grammar! Hopefully the copy-editor will notice the improvement.

Sadly, we report inside the magazine on the passing of Doreen Mason and Mavis Nightingale. Two ladies who have contributed greatly to our community over many years. They will be much missed.

The village fête was very successful thanks to the hard work and dedication of the fête committee. They work hard to raise money to stage the event and make no money for themselves on the day. They do it to allow local organisations to raise money for their own causes. It is their contribution to voluntary community service for which we are appreciative

It is a challenge to any organisation when trying to raise money. Currently CACN has produced a photographic record of recent changes in our parish as a small booklet. All proceeds from the sale of this inexpensive item go towards supporting the Glebe Field Centre. Hopefully this will be well supported by the community. Further details inside.

From September the CACN 2018 calendar will be on sale to raise funds for ensuring the continuation of this free quarterly news magazine – which of course is not free to produce.

Is it me or does it seem that more cars seem abandoned rather than considerately parked in the Market Place?

I have been asked who replaced Tanky Harrison as warden at Crich Memorial Tower. The name I have been given is Paul Rice.

Hopefully a new business will be coming into what was once Love Hector’s Emporium in the Market Place. Empty shops look so depressing. Maybe by the time this issue hits the street more will be known.

As with most small communities rumours abound. A neighbour of mine has been informed by several folk that she is moving to a new house in the very near future. This came as total shock to her!


Apparently by law you have to turn on your headlights when its raining in Sweden. How the blazes am I supposed to know when its raining in Sweden?


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