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Features from the Autumn 2018 issue


Crich Well Dressings

13 groups built their well dressing in July, here they all are

Cycling for Prostate

Andrew Auld and his brother Rob cycled the 608 miles from the east of England to the west coast of Ireland for Prostate cancer. Here is their account of the journey.

Crich Fitness fortnight

There were fitness activities all over the parish in July. Here are some of the events.

Fritchley Village Hall is in danger of closing

There is now a "Save Fritchley Hall" campaign group. This is their update.

Nothing rhymes with Crich, or does it?

Look out this Autumn for ‘Nothing Rhymes with Crich’, by Martyn Offord the sequel to ‘Little Rhymes with Crich’. Here's a taster.

Crich cinema

Can you remember the cinema in Crich? Here's a reminder of how it looked.

An Autumn fair at the Glebe

The Glebe will be hosting an Autumn fair in October, here are the details.

Book sale at the Glebe

There is a book sale at The Glebe in October, all tastes catered for.

Consumer Slot - unsung heroes

Never heard of the organisation? It affects cross border disputes and could be of help to you.

The Crich night school

Yes, Crich had a night school, what was it all about?

Bramble Tor - a stopping place for horses and coaches

It's a long pull up from Whatstandwell, the horses pulling the coaches needed a rest.

Two photos - where were they taken?

One of school pupils, the other of a football presentation. Any ideas?

Dethick, Lea & Holloway Horticultural Society are holding their 50th anniversary show

On Saturday 8th September at 2.00pm Dethick, Lea & Holloway Horticultural Society are holding their celebratory 50th Annual Flower, Vegetable  Produce and Craft Show at Lea Green Centre, Main Rd, Lea, Matlock DE4 5GJ . All are welcome to participate or visit the Show. Here are more details.


WW1 Memorial Project

Peter Patilla still needs to fill in some 'gaps' on some local people. Can you help?



Features Archive

Features from previous issues can be read in this archive