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Crich village cross


Of course there is the famous Memorial to the Sherwood Forresters which is Crich Stand.

There are also war memorials outside St Mary's Church and memorial boards inside the church.

photo of Crich Church War Memorial

Memorial Cross at the Church entrance.

photo of Crich Memorial

Front face.

Captain W. Else
Lieut. Vernon Bowmer M.C.
2nd Lieut. H. Sargent
Corpls. L. Coleman
  T. Hartle
Lce. Cpls.
G. Haslam
  J. Lynam
  A. Williamson
  J.T. Wragg
Gunner J. Gough
Drivers J.W. Byard
  F. Buckley
  J. Bingham
  A. Rodgers
  W. Taylor
  C. Wain
Sapper G. Mellors






photo of Crich war memorial

North facing.

J. Rodgers
Lce. Cpl. A. Anderson
Privates E. Amatt
  G Atkins
  P.W. Brann
E.E. Burr
  J. Barber
  J. Bowmer
  F. Bown
  J.H. Berresford
  W. Bunting
  T. Brown
  C. Chambers
  D. Cooke
  A. Curzon
  J.W. Curzon
  W. Curzon
  J. Dawes
  J. Donaldson
  C. Drury
Cpl. W. Frost
Pte. W. Greenhough
Cpl. W.L. Croft


photo of Crich War memorial

South facing.


E Gregory
  J.T. Gibbons
  G.F. Gration
  C. Harris
  C. Hartle
C. Holmes
  C. Holmes
  J.T. Kneebone
  T. Leafe
  H. McLarty
  J. Mellors
  J. Murphy
  J. Mason
  G. Perry
  J. Roe
  A. Ross
  G. P. Smith
  G. Shipston
  R. Stevenson
  T. Smith M.M.
  F. Wragg
  S.H. Smith
L. Cpl. F.A. Hall


photo of Crich War memorial

Rear face.


photo of gate memorial

On the right-hand Church gate.

photo of gate memorial

On the left-hand Church gate.


Crich Roll of Honour

(inside the Church)

Crich Roll of Honour


Alliston, 2nd Lieut. M Bell, Spr. Walter Greenhough, Sgt. Thos. Hopkinson, Pte. Geo Perry, Sgner. Geoffrey Street, Dvr. Fred V.
Allwood, Pte. Arth Berresford, Pte. J. H. Greenhough, Cpl. Fred Hughes, Tel. Jas Pierpoint, Pte. Robt. Street, Pte. J. Edwd.
Allwood, Dvr. Fred Berresford, Pte. Len Greenhough, Spr. Chas. Holmes, Pte. Chas. Porter, Pte. John Street, Pte. Percy
Allwood, Gnr. Albt. Barber, Pte. Robt. Greenhough, Spr. John Holmes, Pte. C. F. Poyser, Pte. Ralph Sulley, Pte. John
Anderson. L.Cpl. Albt Barton, Artificer A. Greenhough, Pte. Vernon Holmes, Pte. John Poyser, Rflman. Gilbert Swanwick, Dvr. Arth.
Anderson, Pte. Alfred. Cowlishaw 2nd Lieut. A.R. Greenhough, Spr. Jas Hollingsworth, Pte. S. Price, Rflman. Geo Swindell, Dvr. Fred.
Amatt, Pte. Ernest Curzon, Flight Lieut. J. Greenhough, Bomdr. J. Haynes, Pte. Roger Payne, Gnr. Joseph Swindell, Pte. Jas
Atkins, Pte. Gilbert ? Curzon, Sgt. Wm. T. Gaunt, Pte. W.   Platts, Pte. Harold Swindell, Pte. Wm.
Allsop, Pte. Thos Coleman, Cpl. Luke Goodall, Spr. Jas. Jarvis, 2nd Lieut. J.   Swindell, Pte. Saml.
Allen, Pte. Ernest Cook, L.Cpl. Wm. Goodall, Pte. Jas. (Sen)   Radford, Sgt. George Stocks, Pte. Fred.
  Cowlishaw, L.Cpl. Fred Gough, Gnr. John Kneebone, Tpr. Gerald Redfern, L.Cpl. J. Hbt. Stocks, Pte. Albt.
Bowmer, Lieut. V. M.C. Crowder, Bomr. A. F. Griffin, Gnr. Dennis Kneebone, Pte. John T. Russell, L.Cpl. C. H. M.M. Sadler, Pte. Arthur
Bowmer, Staff Sgt. E. Cauldwell, Sapr. H. D.C.M. Griffith, Std (RN) Leigh Knowles, R.M. Chas. Rollinson, L.Cpl. Jack Swift, Pte. J.
Barratt, Farrier Sgt. W Cauldwell, Pte. John Gretton, Pte. Ben Key, Pte. James Radford, Farrier H. Straw, Pte. Walter
Bramall, Sgt. J.B. Chambers, Pte. Chas. Greenwood, Pte. H.   Radford Sigr. (RN) A. Taylor, Pte. Bert.
Bond, L.Cpl., S. D. Chell, Pte. John Gregory, Pte. Ernest Lockey, Sgt.Ins Ern. M.M. Radford, Pte. Thos. M.M. Taylor, Pte. Fred
Bowmer, L.Cpl., Saml. Clarke, Pte. John Green, Pte. H. Litchfield, L.Cpl. John Radford, Pte. John Taylor, Dvr. Maurice
Bowmer, Gnr (RN) A. Coleman, Dvr. Edwd. Gibbons, Pte. J. T. † Lynam, L.Cpl. Jack Radford, Pte. Austen Taylor, Pte. James
? Bowmer, Pte. A. Coleman, Pte. Isaac Gration, Pte. G. F. Lister, L.Cpl. John Rawson, Pte. Hy. Taylor, Pte. Saml.
Bowmer, Sgnlr. Arth Coleman, Pte. Thos. Godrey, Pte. Fredk. Lawrence, Miner B. H. Rodgers. Dvr. Amos Taylor, Dvr. Wm.
Bowmer, Pte. John Coleman, Gnr. Wm. M.M. Goodall, Pte. Jos. Leafe, Pte. James Rodgers, Pte. George Taylor, Dvr. T. Walter
Bowmer, Pte. John Cooke, Pte. Duncan Heathcote, Sgt. Saml. Lee, Pte. Arthur M. M. Rodgers, Stoker Harry Taylor, Dvr. Saml.
Bowmer, Pte. Ernest Cooper, Pte. George Homer, Stoker P.O. Hy. Lee, Trp. J. Stanley Rodgers, A.B. Jas. Taylor, Pte. John A.
Bowmer, Pte. Alfred Cooper, Pte. Hbt. † Hartle, Cpl. Thos. Lee, Pte. Thos. S. Roe, Pte. John Thorpe, Gnr. Wilfred
Bowmer, Pte. Harry Cooper, Pte. Joseph Hartle, Lt. E. W. Lee, Pte. G. E. Roe, Stoker Wm. Tomlinson, Pte. A. B. N.
Bowmer, A.B. Hy. Cowlishaw, Dvr. Arth Hallam, L.Cpl. Wltr. Litchfield, Pte. Abe. Ross, Pte. Alex Townsend, Pte. Ezra
Bowmer, Pte. Ernest Cowlishaw Pte. Geo. Harrison, L.Cpl. Wm. Leafe, Pte. Thos. Roe, Pte. Archie Williams, Capt. James
Barratt, Pte. John Crowder, Dvr. Arth Haslam, L.Cpl. Geo Limb, Pte. Wm. Roe, Pte. Wm. Wilkinson, Sgt. David
Bown, Pte. Fred Curzon, Pte. Alfred Holmes, L.Cpl. Jas. Ludlam, L.Cpl. E. Roe, Pte. Thos Wetton, Cpl. Walker
Brann, Pte. P. W. Curzon, Pte. Frank ? Hitchcock, L.Cpl. Saml. Ludlam, Rflman. J. C. Radford, 3rd Air Mech F. Walker, L.Cpl. Percy T.
Brown, Pte. Arthur Curzon, Pte. Fred † Hall, L.Cpl. Frank A. Ludlam, Pte. Chas. Sargent, 2nd Lieut. Harry Williamson, L.Cpl. Arth.
Brown, Pte. D. D. Curzon, Pte. John W. Harris, Pte. Chas. Lynam, Dvr. Samuel Self, L.Cpl. Stephen Woolley, L.Cpl. Chas.
Brown, Pte. Fred Curzon, Pte. Samuel Harris, Pte. Sam. Mountney, 2nd Lieut. J. ? Seals, Bomdr. G. W. Wragg, L.Cpl. J. E.
Brown, Pte. W. Curzon, Pte. Walter Harrison, Pte. Arthur Macdonald, Lieut. Ian P. Seals, Gnr. Alfred Wragg, L.Cpl. John T.

Brown, Pte. Cyril

Curzon, Gnr. Wm. Harrison, Pte. Ernest Mason, Sgt. Chas. Seals, Pte. Victor J. Wright, Dvr. S.
Brown, Pte. G. Conquest, Gnr. Wm. Harrison, L.Cpl. Hbt Mercer, Cpl. Hbt. Sayles, Tpr. Percy Wass, Pte. Frank
Brown, Pte. Tom Chell, Trooper Norman Harrison, Gnr. Robt. Minkley, Cpl. Horace Sellors, Dvr. G. D. Wass, Pte. Robert
Beresford, Pte. Fred   Harrison, Pte. Sydney Mellors, L.Cpl. Wltr. Self, Dvr. Joseph Wass, Spr. Ernest
Bunting, Gnr. Geo Dawes, Pte Hy. Harrison, L.Cpl. A. W. Mellors, Spr. Geo. Self, Pte. Chas. Wain, Dvr. Chas.
Bunting, Pte. Douglas Dawes, Gnr. Jas. H. Hay, Dvr. Alfred Mellors, Pte. John Sheldon, Gnr. Joseph Walker, Dvr. John T.
Bunting, Gnr. Thos Dawes, Pte. W. Hartle, Pte. Chas. McLarty, L.Cpl. Hector Sheldon, Dvr. Wm. Whitehead, Dvr. Fred
Bunting, Pte. Walter Dawes, Pte. Joseph Hartshorne, Pte. Isaac Martin, Pte. A. B. Smith, Gnr. J. Hy. Williamson, Gnr. Geo.
Bunting, Pte. Willby Dawes, Pte. John Hartshorne, Gnr. John Martin, Pte. Chas. Smith, Pte. Arth. Wilson, Rifleman Geo.
Booker, Pte. Geo Dawes, Pte. Josiah Hartshorne, Pte. Jos. Martin, Pte. John Smith, Pte. Geo. C. Wilson, Stoker Jim
Burr, Pte.Wm. E. Donaldson, Pte. Alex Hartshorne, Pte. Thos. Martin, Cpl. H,W. M.M. Smith, Tpr. Fredk. J. Woodland, Sigr. (R.N.) E.
Butler, Pte. Jas Donaldson, Pte. John Hartshorne, Bugler W. Mason, Pte. Wm. Smith, Pte. Geo. P. Wragg, Pte. Fred
Byard, Pte. Jas Drake, Pte. Wm. Hartshorne, Pte. Wm. Mason, Dvr. Arthur Smith, Dvr. Jas. A. Wragg, Pte. George
Byard, Dvr. J.W. Drury, Pte. Chris. Hartshorne, Pte. W. Mason, Pte. James ? Smith, Pte. John T. Wragg, Dvr. John

Byard, Pte. Arthur

Dyson, L.Cpl. Sydney N Haslam, Pte. George Massy, L.Cpl. Hugh Smith, Pte. Norman Wragg, Dvr. Saml.
Bainbridge, Pte. Albt. Dixon, Gnr. Ernest Haslam, Pte. Harold Murphy, Pte. James Smith, Pte. Saml. H. Wragg, Gnr. Luke
Bates, Pte Fred De Ridder, J. Haslam, 3rd Writer, Jas. Mee, Dvr. Maurice Smith, Gnr. Sam. Walters, Air Mech. J. W.
Barber 2nd Airman J.   Haslam, Pte. John Mee, Pte. Clement Smith, Spr. Hy. V. Woolley, Pte. John I.
Bollington, Pte. Alf Else, Capt. Wm. E Haslam, Spr. Wilfred Maes, Frank Smith, Pte. Hbt. ? Wilkinson, Pte. Dan
Bollington, Dvr. Geo England, 2nd Lieut. J. H. Haslam, Pte. Roy   Smith, Fred Wood, Pte. John T.
Bollington, Pte. W. H. England, Pte. Wm. Henson, 2nd Stkr. N. Needham, Pte. Jim Smith, Gnr. L. H. Wyles, Cadet George
Bollington, Pte. E. Earnshaw, Gnr. Chas. Henson, Pte. Frank Nowell, Pioneer Ernt. Smith, Pte. Hbt. Whawell. Pte. James
Bollington, Pte. Herbert Else, Pte. Chas. G. Henson, Pte. Geo. Newton, Pte. Norman Smith, Pte. Thos M.M. Yates, Pte. George
Bollington, Pte. Stev. Else, Dvr. John W. Heappey, Pte. Andrew   Shipston, Pte. Geo. Yates, Pte. John
Bollington, Pte. John Else, Seaman Gnr. F. Heappey, Spr. Jesse Parkin, Cpl. Frank Shipston, Pte. Thos.  
Bollington, Pte. Neln. Eperson, Pte. Edwin Heappey, Pte. Lot Perry, L.Cpl. Maurice Sims, Pte. Hbt. Booth, Pte. Cyril
Booth, Trooper Fredk. Else, Gnr. Guy Victor Heappey, Pte. E. Parkin, Sgt. H. J. Snow, Pte. Oscar Withers, Lce.Cpl. Geo.
Bower, Pte. Oswald Few, Sgt. Arthur Housely, Pte. Wm. Parkin, Spr. Geo. N. Stanley, Spr. J. R. Watts, Pte. Geo. E.
Buckley, Dvr. Fred Fern, Dvr. Fred Houseley, Pte, G. N. Patilla, Spr. Geo Stanley, Pte. Percy Barber, Cpl. Wm
Barratt, Gnr. Jesse Fox, Pte. Wm. Heathcote, Pte. J.W. Patilla, Pte. Fred Storer, Tpr. Hiram Woolley, Pte. W.
Bingham, Pte. J. Fox, Cyclist F. Hinds, Gnr. Hy. G. Peach, Pte. Bryan F. Storer, Tpr. Matt.  
Bingham, Dvr. Jas Fritchley, Pte. J. K. Hodgkins, Pte. Matt. Perry, Gnr. Arthur Storer, Pioneer, Chas.  
Bates, Gnr. Hy. Frost, Cpl. William Howitt, Spr. Geo Perry, Pte. Charles Stewardson, Gnr. (RN) R.  
Beardow, Spr. Sam Flint, Tpr. J. B. Hopkinson, Pte. Thos. Perry, Pte. George Stevenson, Pte. Robt.  
  Flint, Pte. Stanley        



Officers shewn in RED

N.C.O.s shewn in BLUE

Fallen in Action

Died of Wounds

Died in Hospital

? Wounded

NB The abbreviations used on the original chart are idiosyncratic and variable!

Pte. Private

Spr. Sapper

Gnr. Gunner

Tpr. Trooper

Dvr. Driver

Sgnlr. Signaller

Bomdr. Bombadier

Tel. Telegrapher

Stkr. Stoker

A.B. Able Seaman






Help Needed

If any of your family are on the Roll of Honour, or who are the gate plaques, please let us have a few words about them so that they are "more than a name". It is hoped to produce a brief biography of these Crich men who served, and in some cases died, for their Country.

Contact with your contribution