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Letters Jun 17


Dear Sir,

After first asking for the views of our community on new housing developments in Crich (and subsequently by-passing our replies) I would like through your pages to thank Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) for having the vision to turn life in our once peaceful backwater into a vibrant and colourful experience. I am especially grateful to them for their kind foresight in removing much of our wildlife (and many of the green fields) in their dedicated pursuit of creating an urban utopia for our area. Not for us the sounds of green woodpeckers, skylarks and lapwings, which so blighted our lives in years past. These have now been replaced by the soothing sounds of JCBs and heavy lorries, with the occasional shouts from cursing builders adding a certain piquancy to the atmosphere. The sight of ancient hedgerows littered with wild flowers has been consigned to history, replaced by mounds of earth and burgeoning affordable homes executive boxes. The roadside verges do of course retain their decorations in the form of fast food wrappers and tin cans which our beloved council so thoughtfully refuse to collect. However we can all I’m sure look forward to the annual verge mangling event whereby a council employee in a tractor comes along and shreds all the litter into smaller pieces, proof if proof were needed that our local government officers will stop at nothing in their efforts to show their dedication to our local environment.

So let me once again thank AVBC and not forgetting our ever diligent MP, Sir Patrick McLoughlin who in the absence of any meaningful action in preventing speculative developers colluding with landowners to destroy our countryside, told me he actually wrote a letter against a development in our village.


Christopher Land